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Origin Society: A Platform for Emerging Entrepreneurs and Social Innovators to get connected, inspired, mentored and funded.

Origin Society is a special community with a variety of talents from diverse backgrounds which sparks collaboration and innovation. We are connecting those emerging entrepreneurs and social innovators and helping them kick-start their own ventures. We are creating a platform that doesn't exist yet. The goal is to "catalyze more profitable start-ups with a social impact".

We bring entrepreneurs, social-entrepreneurs, designers, tech-geniuses, investors, industry gurus, mentors together to help each other solve the problems and create new opportunities.  We help these entrepreneurial talents bring their ideas to life through "crowd- funding" and "collective mentorship".

我们在寻找那些留学生中刚刚启航的创业者, 社会创新者以及文化传播者,用“众筹”与“共助”的模式,帮助他们实现自己的梦想, 同时也记录他们的故事,经验与成长,并与更多人分享。源社也连接中美两地年轻的创业者和投资人,初创企业与公益组织,学习彼此企业家与社会公益家精神的精髓,以应用到更广泛的商业与社会创新之中。

  • FY

    Yang Fan

    Yang Fan , Founder 范阳,创始人 M.S Chemistry from New Jersey Institute of Technology, B.S Chemistry. from Northwest University. in China...

  • CLY1

    Luoyi Chen

    Luoyi Chen 陈络绎,Co-founder MS candidate, Systems Engineering, Univ. of Pennsylvania, BS in Electric Engineering from NYU. VP at UPenn CSSAP....

  • Yushi Ye

    Yushi Ye

    Yushi Ye 叶雨石,Tech Officer Freshman in Univ. of Pennsylvania, major in math, also pursuing a dual degree with finance in...

  • ZYX 1

    Yuxing Zhang

    Yuxing Zhang 张宇星, Designer Senior student in Drexel University, majored in interior design. An inspirational photographer, designer and backpacker Crazy...