Ruiyi Millie Liu, SinuGlide, MIT Sloan

Ruiyi Millie Liu


Graduated from MIT Sloan

Currently living in Boston and traveling around the world in her vacations, a dedicated backpacker. She is from Shenzhen, Guangzhou.

Educational Background 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Sloan School of Management

M.Fin., Master of Finance

University of Toronto

B.B.A., Specialist in Management (Finance) & Science (Mathematics)

Harvard Business School (Cross Register Student) 

Current project:


A Medical Device startup

Please describe SinuGlide in one sentence.  请用一句话来描述SinuGlide。

The SinuGlide is a drug delivery device that will relieve chronic sinusitis symptoms non-surgically and prevent the majority of sinus surgeries.

What is the Innovation in this company? 这个公司创新的地方是什么?

“Power to improve quality of life for millions of chronic sinusitis sufferers

What is the problem SinuGlide aims to solve? 请用一句话描述SinuGlide要解决的问题?

The SinuGlide overcomes the inadequacies of existing treatments by ensuring that medication is distributed daily to the most affected sinus surfaces.

Any links to SinuGlide to ket us know more about it? 有关SinuGlide的信息链接是?

How you got started on this project? Who helped you a lot? 你们是如何开始的?对你们帮助最大的一个人是?

It starts from JHU technical team. Our mentor: a current entrepreneur in healthcare field helped us in every possible way to win the competition

Could you please introduce your team?  What have you learned from them? 能否介绍一下你的团队成员?您从您的队友身上学到了什么?

4 Johns Hopkins Biomedical Engineers, 1 MIT Biomedical PhD.
They are very knowledgeable about the technical perspective of the product, diligent and humble.

If possible, what your team need most at this point? 如果有可能,您现在最需要的是什么(资金,新的人才)?

Need dedication of someone taking it as a full time job, and of course funding

What do you think could change the world? 你认为什么可以改变世界? 

Involvement in start-ups in clean energy or healthcare…it changes the world by bringing people better life or more sustainable environment.

What is your motto or favorite sentence? 请推荐一句您喜欢的座右铭或格言。

….maybe….rejection is not the end, and persistence always pays off?

What is good to read? 有什么很好的读物? 

MIT Technology Review Magazine is inspiring in general..

Who have inspired you a lot? 请推荐一位让您得到很多灵感的人物

Bill Gates and his Bill & Melinda Foundation, Rodney Brooks

Any cool websites you often use? 一些酷且有益的网站。

Ted Talk, Tech Crunch…

What is the most adventurous decision you have ever made? 你作过的最冒险的一次决定是什么?

Solo backpacking in South America

What would you be doing if you were not in your current job? 如果你不从事现在的项目,你会选择做的事情是?

Finance  金融工作

What is your insight into your industry? 你对你现在所从事的领域在未来的发展有什么见解?

It’s highly risky, and highly volatile. I starts to think Andrew Lo’s method of tackling Healthcare issues makes some sense. People should look at healthcare researches from a risk management point of view, and never take each stand alone risk…

What business plan competitions you have participated?  参加过哪些创业相关的比赛?

We were Semi-finalist of MIT $100K

If you have any questions for Millie, please write to us at 

Additional Information of SinuGlide

The SinuGlide is a new medical device that will end suffering and prevent surgeries for chronic sinusitis patients. Chronic sinusitis is persistent sinus inflammation that causes severe pain and 500,000 elective surgeries in the US per year. Patients attempt non-surgical treatment with sprays, but it is ineffective because medication fails to reach the diseased areas. SinuGlide is a small insert that the physician places deep inside the nasal passage during an office procedure. The patient uses an external device to deliver medication directly to the affected sinus surfaces via the insert. By treating the source of inflammation, SinuGlide relieves symptoms and prevents sinus surgeries.

Ruiyi Liu
Wener Lv
Anastasia Borok
Creighton Petty
Lauren Smith
Marton Varady
MIT Sloan Master of Finance student Ruiyi Millie Liu worked in the private equity industry in China, sourcing and screening deals and conducting due diligence on pre-IPO targets. She has previous experience with a biomedical device start-up and currently works for a venture capital firm. Wener Lv is currently doing his PhD thesis research at Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology program in medical instrumentation. Lv has worked previously with a Chinese implantable device company as a strategy consultant, and with an angle fund for early-stage high-tech project evaluating purposes. Anastasia Borok, Creighton Petty, Lauren Smith, and Marton Varady are graduate biomedical and mechanical engineering students within the Johns Hopkins University Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design. The engineering team’s collective experience includes 12 years in the medical device industry, basic research, and manufacturing. They have completed 1200+ hours of clinical rotations in Johns Hopkins Hospital and are trained in medical device regulation and clinical study design.

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